Better Together – Three Sisters 2020 Regional Cultural Strategy


Better Together

Yesterday (June 7th)  brought the launch of our Regional Cultural Strategy 2016-2025 titled Better Together, it was a very proud day not only for the Bid Team but also for the entire Three Sisters Region.

The launch was held in City Hall Waterford in the Mayor’s Parlour and was a celebration of all the hard work and dedication of our three counties. The three councils adopted this strategy unanimously in the past month and it shows how committed each local authority is to working together.

Culture is an integral part of how we lead our everyday lives. It connects us through our rituals and traditions to our region’s heritage through our landscape, language, sport, food, song and dance. It roots us and gives us a sense of place. It assists our health and well-being, gives expression to our creativity and provides outlets for participation, engagement, reflection, celebration and entertainment for all citizens. But culture can also act as catalyst for change and it with this change in mind that we as joint Chief Executives of the Three Sisters region present our first Regional Cultural Strategy.

The launch of Better Together is very timely for the region as the European Union launched their own strategy today called “Strategy for International Cultural Relations”; its focus is putting culture at the heart of EU international relations. 

EU High Representative and Vice-President Federica Mogherini said: “Culture has to be part and parcel of our foreign policy. Culture is a powerful tool to build bridges between people, notably the young, and reinforce mutual understanding. It can also be an engine for economic and social development. As we face common challenges, culture can help all of us, in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, stand together to fight radicalisation and build an alliance of civilisations against those trying to divide us. This is why cultural diplomacy must be at the core of our relationship with today’s world.”

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